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Airless Pump Bottles and Cream Jars 2021

We are pleased to announce that at the beginning of this year, we are adding exclusive airless packaging to our offer, which is perfect …

Some new assortment in our offer.

Some new assortment in our offer. PET plastic bottles with capacities from 30 …


Make-up packaging
PET bottles with closures
Body care packaging
Other packaging
We are an European branch of the biggest Asian cosmetic packaging manufacturer.

Our production takes places in Shanghai and Zhejiang cities and it is worth 120 million USD. Make-up, perfume and body care packagings are produced there.

Our factories are ISO 9001 certified. Production process is consonant with GMP standard. Modern machinery, strict quality control and contemporary design make our packaging corresponding to American FDA standards, European EEC standards. Our products are also in line with special demands of Australian and Japanese market.

Attractiveness and high quality of our packaging were appreciated by famous international brands like Walmart, Rimmel London, H&M, Calvin Klein, Sally Hansen, Daiso Japan and many others.

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